I’m back!

The sun is shining! The birds are chirping! And the ice-creams are melting! That only means one thing here in London; Summer is finally here! Us Brits loves to talk about the weather because it is always so horrible! 48 weeks of miserable, wet and gloomy days, no wonder we seem so grumpy all the time to our friends abroad! Lets just hope that our so called summer can last a little more than 4 weeks this year round! Fingers are crossed!

Well, as the tittle of this post says; I’m back! I have been very inconsistent in posting these past few years, and I must say I’m not very proud of that. But I am returning to hopefully stay. I have got so many ideas in store for the next few posts, and I am so excited about them! So watch this space!

But first I just want to share a few things. As I did start this blog 3 years ago, I feel like it has seen me grow. Would like to document my experience and feelings here too. This is also a new chapter in life, I don’t know where it’ll lead me. But I am hopeful about it.

So in the last posts it was about me trying to find a job. Well now I have one of them. I’m an accountant trainee! I wouldn’t call it the most exciting job out there, but I believe it’ll give a good foundation for the near future. So trying to juggle work and studies for my qualification hasn’t really given me the amount of time to be creative and experiment. So I guess this blog will now help me stay hopefully sane and intact with my creative side. And obviously I am still passionate as ever with food, baking and cooking. It is just me. So I would like to not lose that side of me just yet.

So, if I haven’t lost that side of me by Thursday, I’m going to be posting my next post then! So until then, have a great week! Smile, eat cake and make a world a better place. ❤



4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Does a fudge brownie count? We made a weekend of food celebration for the holiday. We had hot dogs and mac & cheese on Friday. Saturday was hamburgers, watermelon, corn on the cob. Mashed potatoes with a pork loin roast for Sunday dinner; and tonight I baked fudge brownies with pecans served with a couple scoops of chocolate ice cream.

    1. Of course a fudge brownie counts! It sounds like you’ve been making the most out of your weekends! Can never go wrong when it involves food! 😉

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