Hi to you all other baking enthusiasts or/and EATING enthusiasts! My name is Kay-Ann and I LOVE TO BAKE! I am a perfectionist so the recipes you find on my blog will be tried and tested many times by me (hence why my diet never goes to plan).

I’ve recently found the love for baking my own breads. O.M.G, it is one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done. Working with dough somehow calms me down (despite the elbow grease). It is just one of the magical and happiest moments of baking, from the smell of freshly baked goodness around the house and to tearing the bread crusty exterior to reveal it’s soft and fluffy warm bread. It’s just purely magical.

Well happy baking and reading! Feel free to say hi and drop me a comment!


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  1. I have a same reason that why I can not go on my diet… because there are so many good food around me! How can I? Thank you for stopping by my blog, Kay Ann! I will definitly come back here again!

    1. haha exactly! Can never live without my cakes and chocolate :p You’re definitely welcome. You’ve got an amazing blog yourself, will definitely be a place where I’ll stop by for some inspiration! Xx

  2. Thank you for stopping by gullycreekcottage.com! Much appreciated and I’m glad you did cause it gave me a chance to stop by your place—-awesome! Hope you will follow me and I’ll return the favor~ Belssings, Belle

  3. Hi Kay Ann! I wholeheartedly agree about bread being therapeutic to make. I don’t make it often enough. Your breads look so beautiful that I might want to try my hand at cinnamon rolls by the end of the week. 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica! Same goes with me nowadays. It’s hard to gather the time to allow myself to connect with the whole bread making process. Mmmm… cinnamon rolls are so good straight out of the oven! You can try out my dough recipe from ‘Creamy custard buns’ and replace the fillings and shaping technique for the cinnamony rolls! 🙂

  4. Hello Kay-Ann!
    I am a perfectionist as well, who loves to bake! That is one of the great things about baking, if you are willing to take your time and measure everything to a T, it will most likely come out great! I also love making my own bread. I am kind of a bread snob when I go out to eat now..if it’s not homemade I can tell lol.

    Also, your homepage is stunning! I love all of the bright colored foods! Nice work. 🙂


    1. Hello Julie! I totally agree with you! As long as there’s a trust worthy recipe, there shouldn’t be a problem of recreating the recipe in our own kitchen. Hence why my other hobby is reading and searching for recipes :p

      Thank you for your kind comment!


  5. Hi Kay Ann, thanks for stopping by our blog (nicoandamysliterarykitchen.wordpress.com). We absolutely love your blog! We can’t wait to try out some of your recipes – especially your TangZhong method of making bread.

    1. Hi Nico and Amy! Thank you for stopping by at mine as well, along with your nice comment! Please do try out the Tang Zhong starter method! It creates the most fluffiest, soft bread without using any chemicals. Let me know how it goes!!! Would love to hear your experience with it 😉 X

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