Banana and Nutella cake

Sometimes all you need is just a quick and simple cake recipe. Whether it is for a gift, cake sale, breakfast or purely because you just need to eat cake. I find myself always turning to this one special recipe of mine; the ultimate banana cake recipe!

It is seriously very simple to make. All you need is Continue reading


Black Sesame Braided buns – Tang Zhong starter method

A lot of people spend a life time seeking their meaning of life. And at the meantime that is exactly what I’m going through. The constant thoughts and questions; what is the purpose of life, what is it that I want to do, and even why do we exist.

After graduating University it wasn’t easy for me to move on to the next chapter as some of my peers did. I guess it was mainly due to not knowing what I wanted to do or be. I pondered on having a career in marketing to accountancy and even taking the risk and start up my own business. As a result I rejected an opportunity to work as a marketing manager assistant, interned at an accountancy firm and asked to work in a Michelin Star recommended Restaurant’s Kitchen.  Continue reading

Chocolate French Macarons

Macarons! These small round French biscuits are crispy and chewy at the same time. A delicate treat that never fails to lift my spirit!

My love for them started 5 years ago when I had my first Macaron. It was filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache that complemented the crisp and tender shells. But they are expensive little treats that can cost around £1.70 for a single one!  Continue reading

Matcha red bean buns – Green tea adzuki buns (Using the Tang-Zhong starter method)

It has been a very long while since I posted my last recipe. From graduating University to baking almost every single week; I am back in sharing with you some of my favourite recipes again!

One of the most popular posts I have on this blog is the Creamy Custard Buns (Using the Tang Zhong starter method). So I am going to start with another bun recipe that is also one of my favourites; a Matcha Adzuki bun (adzuki is also known as red bean paste).  Continue reading

Creamy custard buns (Using the Tang Zhong starter method)

Here comes another post about buns using the Tang zhong method, seriously they come out pillow soft, made even without a bread maker. I remember I’d be obsessed with custard buns when i was a child. My parents would buy me one every time we leave china town so that I can sit quietly at the back of the car adoring the creamy vanilla custard filled buns. But as I got older and understood the meaning of money, I decided to save it instead. But now I Continue reading

California Roll

Sushi!!! I adore sushi, and crave for it almost all the time! I’ve learnt how to make sushi while working at YO! Sushi as a chef. Was a great experience, especially getting to talk to customers who’d sitting in front of the belt.

I decided to show you guys how to roll a California roll, that’s avocado and crab stick filling, wrapped in nori with the rice on the outside. These are very healthy and does Continue reading