California Roll

Sushi!!! I adore sushi, and crave for it almost all the time! I’ve learnt how to make sushi while working at YO! Sushi as a chef. Was a great experience, especially getting to talk to customers who’d sitting in front of the belt.

I decided to show you guys how to roll a California roll, that’s avocado and crab stick filling, wrapped in nori with the rice on the outside. These are very healthy and does Continue reading


Red Bean Paste

Red bean paste or Azuki bean paste is used in many dishes in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine. You can use it for bun fillings, pancake fillings, mochis, soup, and much more! It is very easy to make, and has a really wonderful taste to it! You can Continue reading

Crème patissière

Crème patissière, also called pastry cream and confectioners’ custard, which is used in fillings for cakes, eclairs, tarts and also a base for souffles. If you’ve tried making your own custard and resulted in a split egg mess, then don’t you worry, as this recipe involves flour which makes it completely stable.

I remember the first time making these, I was so amazed with the result I ended up eating half of it! If you can resist the temptation of this creamy goodness then Continue reading

Bestever Brownies

These are the most dangerous brownies you’d ever have! They become so addictive that they won’t have a chance to enter the fridge or the air-tight containers. The devil little things are so light, and airy you can eat half the batch without feeling sick! (a little exaggeration there) The trick here is to Continue reading

Braided Raisins Buns – TangZhong Method

I’ve always loved eating the freshly baked soft bread brought from London’s China Town, or even better from HongKong. But I was always baffled about the recipe and method they use. I always thought it was their trade secret that was forbidden to be released to the world. But one day I found this recipe on Christine’s blog, it amazed me and gave me a new dimension on bread making. It was called the TangZhong Method. The secret ingredient/method in this recipe is Continue reading